Put your business in the spotlight with a sponsorship at HGA's Convergence® conference.

Convergence 2024
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Our attendees spend an average of 4-5 days at Convergence® and with your sponsorship you will have a captive audience of fiber art enthusiasts. We expect 2,000 people to attend our 2024 Convergence® in Wichita, Kansas. Not only will your sponsorship put your business in front of those attending Convergence®, but through e-blasts, our website and social media platforms your business will be marketed to more than 10,000 people and guilds interested in fiber art products and services. We have created Convergence® sponsorship packages for the:
  • Fashion Show
  • Tote Bags & Lanyards
  • Keynote Presentation
  • Marketplace Demonstration Stage
  • Art Exhibits
  • Fiber Trust Reception
  • Breed Study
  • Vendor Hospitality
  • and Special Events
We understand that the dollars you spend need to bring the maximum benefit. Our sponsorship packages are flexible to meet your organization’s philanthropic or marketing objectives. For more information or to discuss how we can make one of our sponsorship packages work for you, please call (678) 730-0010.

Support our 2024 Convergence® Sponsors


Sunflowers to Sunsets Fashion Show

Sponsored by Marcy Petrini and Terry Dwyer

Tote Bags

Sponsored by


Yarn Barn of Kansas

Keynote Presentation

Sponsored by


Hillcreek Fiber Studio

Marketplace Demonstration Stage

Sponsored by


Eugene Textile Center


Sponsored by


Harrisville Designs

Sunflowers to Sunsets Wearable Art Exhibit

Sponsored by


Suzoo’s Wool Works at The Sheepwalk Ranch

Breed Study

Sponsored by


Clemes & Clemes and The Natural Twist

Skein Competition

Sponsored by


Kromski North America

Intern Exhibit

Sponsored by

Lyn McCormick

Decorative Shuttle Competition

Sponsored by

Handywoman Shop

Kitchen Towel Exchange

Sponsored by


Jane Stafford Textiles

Strut Your Stuff Informal Fashion Show

Sponsored by


Ashford Wheels and Looms

Open Portfolio

Sponsored by


Fiberworks PCW

Panel: Curating Excellent Exhibitions

Sponsored by

Karen Leckart

Panel: Shave 'Em to Save 'Em – How to Start Your Own

Sponsored by

MidAtlantic Fiber Association (MAFA)

Panel: Weaving the Future—Sustainable and Ethical Fiber Art

Sponsored by


John C. Campbell Folk School

Panel: D.I.Y. Fiber Tour: How to Add Fiber to Your Travels

Sponsored by

Peters Valley School of Craft


Twilight Madness

Sponsored by


Heddlecraft Magazine

Sponsorship Packages

*Sponsors will receive the following recognition in addition to the items listed in the packages:

  • Name recognition on HGA’s webpage as Sponsor and logo and link to your website
  • Logo and name recognition in approximately 5,000 Convergence® Delegate Registration Books
  • Logo and name recognition in approximately 5,000 Convergence® Conference and Gallery Guides
  • E-Blast sent to HGA’s mailing list of more than 10,300 promoting your sponsorship
  • Post recognizing your sponsorship on HGA’s Facebook page (10,000+ followers)
  • Tweet recognizing your sponsorship from HGA’s Twitter account (1,300+ followers)
  • Post recognizing your sponsorship on HGA’s Instagram account (4,500+ followers)
  • Tax-deductible receipt letter for the amount of your donation less goods & services received


*Subject to availability

Convergence Conference & Gallery Guide Advertising

Over 5,000 Convergence® Conference & Gallery Guides are printed and distributed to Convergence® attendees, Convergence® partners, area colleges and universities, galleries, museums, tour sites, and merchants. Inside the Guide is a listing of all Convergence® events and activities, Marketplace vendors, fiber art exhibits at Convergence® and in the metropolitan area where the conference is being held, and more. It is truly a souvenir piece for all who attend Convergence®.

Space Reservation and Deadlines

Advertising space will be made on a first-come, first-served basis, determined by space reservation date. Ad space must be reserved and payment received by April 25, 2024. Ad materials must be received by April 25, 2024 and submitted to Advertising@WeaveSpinDye.org.
For questions regarding advertising, ad material preparation, etc., please contact Kathi Grupp, Advertising & Partnerships Manager, at (470) 7893-0556 or Advertising@WeaveSpinDye.org.

Additional Opportunities

For more information about Sponsorship opportunities call (678) 730-0010 or email Advertising@WeaveSpinDye.org.