Volunteering is the perfect opportunity to meet fellow fiber artists while performing a valuable service. Volunteers are needed for a variety of tasks from assisting with the mounting and dismounting of exhibitions, to monitoring art exhibits.

Make Your Convergence® Experience Exceptional, Be a Volunteer!

The Handweavers Guild of America, Inc.'s (HGA) 2024 Convergence® requires the assistance of many volunteers to produce a successful conference. There are a wide range of ways to be involved including: 
  • Steering Committee: Leadership roles that assist in the overall planning and execution of Convergence® - Download Description - Apply Today
  • Planning Committees: Regional support to prepare for Convergence® - Download Description - Application Coming Soon
  • Mentors: Experienced Convergence® participants providing guidance and friendship to first-time Convergence® attendees
  • On-Site Volunteers: Assistants to ensure Convergence® programs and events run smoothly

On-Site Volunteer Job Descriptions

More than 100 volunteers are needed to help make HGA’s Convergence® conference a success. Volunteering is a great way to meet fellow fiber artists while providing a valuable service. Volunteers assist and support the following key areas of the conference

  • Exhibit Installation: All but the wearable art exhibit is installed on Thursday. If we run out of time, exhibit installation may continue Friday morning. The wearable art exhibit is installed following Friday night’s fashion show. Volunteers will be assigned to teams with each team assigned to an exhibit which they will work on installing until its completion which can take as little as 2 hours to as many as 10 hours. If your time is limited, please respond to your confirmation email so we may appropriately assign you to a team.
  • Exhibit Security: Exhibit security is responsible for securing the art exhibits. Primarily this means ensuring that viewers do not touch the piece (because we know it’s tempting).
  • Exhibit Dismantling & Pack-Up: All exhibits are dismantled Monday evening following the close of the Marketplace at 5 PM. Historically we have been able to complete this project within 2 hours, but depending on the number of volunteers, it could take longer. Volunteers will be assigned to teams with each team assigned to an exhibit that they will dismantle and pack up according to instructions.
  • Fashion Show: This is an all-day experience (with breaks) and includes pre-production, rehearsal, and show. Volunteers will help prepare the wearable art exhibits for show and dress the models.
  • Marketplace Entry: Volunteers will check attendee credentials to enter the Marketplace (Exhibitor Badges, CVP Badges, Day Passes, etc.) and refer to registration if necessary. Volunteers will also offer complimentary masks to those who do not have one.
  • Marketplace – HGA Booths: HGA has two booths in the Marketplace. One is for the Certificate of Excellence (COE) and the other is for the Bateman Books. Volunteers will monitor the booth, answer questions, and sell COE Handbooks.
  • Marketplace – Informal Fashion Show: Volunteers will help the Fashion Show MC organize the participants.
  • Marketplace – Silent Auction: Volunteers are responsible for monitoring the silent auction to ensure that pieces do not walk away. They will assist bidders with registration to participate and will ensure that bids are raised by the necessary incremental amount. Volunteers assisting after the silent auction closes, will help prepare the items for pick-up.
  • Marketplace – Vendor Booth Sitters: Volunteers will assist vendors by sitting in their booth so they may take a break to use the restroom, grab a beverage, or get a bite to eat.
  • Registration and Volunteer Check-In: For 2022, registration packets are being mailed to attendees in advance. At registration and check-in, these volunteers will be handing out goody bags, selling day passes, and checking-in volunteers.
  • Ticket Takers: Ticket takers are responsible for taking tickets before events and checking badges to make sure the attendee has the credentials to attend.
  • Towel Exchange Monitors: While towels are on display for view, monitors will ensure that they are not touched or removed. Prior to the exchange monitors will help usher attendees out of the room and take tickets from participants so they may enter.
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HGA is currently accepting applications for Volunteers to serve on the Steering and Planning Committees.

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Steering Committee

Under the directive of the HGA Board and working with the HGA Staff, the Steering Committee leads the overall planning, implementation, and monitoring of all tasks for the Convergence® conference. The Steering Committee identifies opportunities and strategies for expanding Convergence® partnerships to include new entities and work activities. They will examine and recommend approaches to promote Convergence® activities both internally to existing members and externally. Each member of the committee is responsible for identifying, recruiting, screening and selecting qualified individuals to be members of their committee. Steering Committee Positions include:
  • Program Coordinator
  • Special Events Coordinator
  • Local Publicity/Press Relations Coordinator
  • Marketplace Coordinator
  • Tours Coordinator
  • Exhibits Coordinator
  • Session Equipment Coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator

Download complete description of Steering Committee Positions

Apply Today. Log in to your account to complete the Steering Committee Volunteer Application by January 31, 2023.

Planning Committees

Volunteers serving on a Convergence Planning Committee report to either the HGA Program Director or a Convergence® Steering Committee Coordinator. Volunteer positions are available for the following Committees:
  • Tour Planning Committee
  • Exhibits Committee
  • Loom Rentals Committee
  • Gallery Guide Committee
  • Silent Auction Committee
  • Session Equipment Committee
  • Goody Bag Committee

Download complete description of Planning Committees

Apply Today (Link coming soon). Log in to your account to complete the Planning Committee Volunteer Application. Deadlines to participate vary based on the committee.
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These are volunteer positions and monetary compensation is not provided.

HGA relies on this "in-kind" support in order to keep conference fees in line. For more information about Convergence®, Volunteering, and HGA, please visit our website. Review of applicants will begin immediately and will continue until the positions are filled. Handweavers Guild of America, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and does not discriminate on the basis of Sex, Race, Religion, Age, Handicap or National Origin.

For more information about Volunteering call (678) 730-0010 or email Programs@WeaveSpinDye.org.